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Blackberry Wine – Fresh From the Vineyard

Blackberries to make wine

The Blackberry wine has been historically popular for centuries, being a favorite with many folks. The origin of this fruit is Podolsky Oblast in eastern Romania.

This fruit has a black violet color, which is a symbol of quality. The taste is strong, like a glass of red wine, and the aroma is fruity and intense.

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Recipe for blackberry wine

Follow the steps to make your delicious berry wine

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This wine is a very crisp and clear wine with easy clarification. However, the fermentation process produces an amount of carbon dioxide. Therefore, pay attention to the gas exhaust to avoid overpressure in the fermenter.

Blackberry wine is perfect for the beginning wine enthusiast or for those who like a milder wine. In fact, It still contains enough character to enjoy it over again.

Also, if you ferment this wine at cold temperatures, you will get a slightly sweet wine with a deep flavor.

Benefits of blackberry wine

They are not only delicious, however, but the wines made with blackberries also have numerous health advantages. Like elderberries, they contain antioxidants that help reduce cholesterol and decrease the chance of suffering from strokes. Drinking moderate quantities of wine made from blackberries can lower the risk of developing heart disease.

The results of research studies show that blackberry wine is an efficient direct vasodilator and superior antioxidant in vitro. It was found that wines made from blackberries proved to be more potent antioxidants than red wine wines.

One cup of this wine has 30.2 milligrams of vitamin C, half the daily recommended value. Additionally, this fruit is helpful for iron deficiency and anemia, due to its mineral content consisting of iron and manganese. It also improves brain health due to the presence of antioxidants and vitamin K.

Prevention of diarrhea and stomach virus

Blackberry wine that is akin to blackberry leaves and blackberry roots can be used to treat general illness and diarrhea as well as IBS or relieve intestinal inflammation. A shot glass twice or three times daily is an ideal amount, however, it's so delicious it's difficult to restrict oneself to the amount recommended. In many regions of the United States, Blackberries are just beginning to come to the point of ripeness. 

What foods go well with blackberry wine?

A typical question is what to serve blackberry wine with? Well, the flavor of blackberries is refreshing and delicious. It is possible to pair fresh blackberries with lighter dishes like apples or cherries when paired with sweet wine. It's a good match for sweetness Rieslings as well as Cabernet Sauvignons especially if you enjoy red wines.

Does the blueberry wine go bad?

If you don't use compounds such as sulfites/preservatives in your wine, the answer is yes, they will have a shelf life. In general, fruit wines "last" 2-3 years tops however it's not as if they'll spoil or anything else. This is more or less what is known as the "best by" date.